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“SMARTPUP” Trailer non-CDL Design Launched at NACV Truck Show

Updated: Oct 29, 2019


The Smart Wagon Corporation introduced the SMARTPUP trailer chassis at the 2019 NACV show in Atlanta, Georgia. The SMARTPUP Chassis Design provides a revolutionary advantage of additional payload and cargo space without adding additional load to the tow vehicle.

Its patented “NO TONGUE LOAD DESIGN” allows Class 3,4,5, or 6 medium duty trucks to tow 10,000 lb. GVWR SMARTPUPs without forfeiting the truck & Pup combination’s exemptions from Federal Commercial Driver’s License requirements.

How does the SMARTPUP do that?

The SMARTPUP’s patented front axle design supports the trailer tongue load instead of the load being transferred to the trailer hitch on the truck.

This feature keeps the Pup’s tongue weight under 20 pounds and makes it easy to couple and uncouple the Pup from the truck.

The front axle self-steers at highway speeds following the track of the tow vehicle.

The front axle also self-steers in reverse with precision and is easy to back to the dock at commercial locations and in parking lots.

In-cab camera monitors now required to safety monitor the space behind delivery trucks are a new aide when backing SMARTPUPs to the dock or coupling SMARTPUPs easily and quickly.

The standard, non-CDL SMARTPUP chassis has a 34” frame width and 34” frame height for mounting 12’ bodies of various types. Longer chassis are available, but they compromise the combination vehicle’s, non-CDL weight and payload objectives.

The non-CDL Objectives:

Keeping the SMARTPUP curb weight under 4,000 pounds yielding a net payload capacity of 6,000 pounds and maintaining the non-CDL exemption.

These objectives drive the Value Proposition.

The SMARTPUP’s Value Proposition is its payroll and payload advantages. Plus, the Pup’s contribution toward recasting ROI from new opportunities presented by a modernized fleet filled with SMARTPUPs to drop and hook, stage, shuttle, go long in the region, dedicate, reverse logistics and so on, yet still maintain the fleet’s non-CDL exemption.


CDL required models of the SMARTPUP are under development and some are available now. They will fit into the 21,000 GVWR/12,000 lb. net payload category. Please let us know if you have interests in these heavy-duty Pups.

For more information go to: or call 903-732-2013 ext. 702 to be connected to one of our Pup Production coordinators.

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